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  • 7 inch diagonal TFT touch screen user interface.
  • 10/100 wired Ethernet/RJ45 and 802.11 Wi-Fi.
  • Audio out 3.5mm stereo mini pin (headphone jack).
  • Internal Speaker to confirm Audio Playback.
  • 120v AC Power adapter (UL Approved).
  • Dimensions: 6.8”W x 5.25”L x 2”H
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9 Pounds.
  • Warranty: 12 months full replacement.
  • Package includes: Touch Player, AC Adapter, Audio Cable, ethernet cable and user manual.
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Channel Manager
Enterprise Music Management.

Channel Manager is a Free Dashboard App that easily let's you manage the Channels Music App in hundreds of locations remotely from a single point of control. You only pay a monthly service fee for each location that activates the Channels App under your Account.

Management Features
Channels Channels Channels Channels
Account Users Locations Messages

Manage the CHANNELS Music App in each Location whether they use a mobile device, computer or our TOUCH music system. You can easily restrict the Channels available in each Location to only those channels you allow for. You can also lock out all Channel functions in a location to only play what you have scheduled that location to play.

NEXTUNE CHANNELS for each of your Locations...

Channels Favorites Maker Dayparting

Each Channel location can be locally controled by the staff in that location, or you can remotely set each system into Scheduled play and control what channels are played. It's an easy and powerful tool to control the sound of your business.
monthly includes the TOUCH media player!
monthly per Location with our free App or the TOUCH.

CHANNEL MANAGER is a 12 month renewable subscription, paid quarterly. Cancel your renewal any time.
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